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We have different and various goals in learning and teaching the past. This brings along a set of responsibilities such as enabling students to acquire knowledge about academic history, contributing their skills of historical thinking, helping students recognize the working principle of history discipline and, like a junior historian, discovering the history together with them, and helping students expand their awareness of the historical places, events and objects in their home country and in the world with reference to their awareness of the historical places, events and objects in their neighborhood. In order to achieve these goals in the process of history teaching, history teachers use different methods and techniques in classrooms. The goal of this present study is, using classroom and non-classroom practices, to identify students' level of awareness with regard to the historical places in their home country and in the world with reference to their awareness of the historical places, events and objects of the neighborhood in which they live, and to reveal how the awareness of students has evolved. The design of this study is based on action research method, one of the qualitative research approaches, and the study group consists of 10-A class students of Adana Lokman Hekim Anatolian High School. As part of this study, classroom practices were applied using 10-hour active teaching methods within a history teaching context, and non-classroom practices were applied using 10-hour non-classroom practices within a history teaching context. 6 focus students were identified from among students in this study group who were involved in the entire process, and data analysis was laid down with reference to the findings obtained from these students. Data has been obtained from semi-structured interviews from classroom and non-classroom practices, student diaries, researcher diary and from video recordings. Based on the findings obtained specific to the study, which uses the descriptive analysis method to analyze data, while it was discovered that students did not know and care at all about the historical places in their neighborhood; the study revealed that once active and applied training was provided at historical places in their neighborhood, students expanded their awareness of the importance of that historical place, and in line with such awareness, they started to research and learn the story of the city where they live.


History Teaching, Active Teaching Methods, Out-of-school History Teaching.


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