Focus and Scope

Purpose and Scope

The International Journal of Eurasian Education and Culture (IJOEEC) aims to bring together the theoretical and applied knowledge produced by researchers in all fields of educational sciences and field education on a scientific platform shared by researchers and educators. It also publishes qualitative and quantitative research results and compilations on information produced in all fields of educational sciences and field education.

In our journal, studies analysing the local and current issues of educational sciences and field educations both from its own perspective and to an international extent of Turkey’s and international platforms. Topics given below consists of the scope of our journal:

  • Field Education: (Biology education, geography education, philosophy education, science education, physics education, chemistry education, mathematics education, music education, preschool education, classroom education, social studies education, sociology education, history education, Turkish education, foreign language education, etc.)
  • Educational Sciences: (Educational psychology, educational management and planning, education technology, assessment and evaluation, program - learning and teaching, instructional design, psychological counseling and guidance, etc.)
  • Environmental education
  • Values education
  • Democracy and human rights education
  • Vocational technical education
  • Teacher training
  • Special education
  • Health education
  • Distance learning
  • Lifelong learning
  • Adult education