Students need to acquire and quickly develop their study skills in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their learning, to increase their performance levels and reach academic competence and proficiency, to follow the lessons in the classroom and keep up with the pace of the lesson, and to become individuals who can think and learn independently. Study skills are basic skills that cover a series of coordinated cognitive processes necessary for students to learn and work effectively. It includes competencies related to acquiring, recording, organizing, synthesizing, remembering and using information. These competencies both aim to learn how to apply these skills and help individuals acquire new knowledge, store and use the acquired knowledge in memory in different learning situations. In addition, the competencies in question can make a difference between students' academic success or failure and can provide positive results in many academic environments. Since special importance is given to the acquisition, teaching, application and development of each study skill, and since they are lifelong skills required for individuals of all ages, they need to be integrated into education life, starting from the school years, which constitute the most important part of the learning process. Thus, students' acquisition and development of study skills will not only be successful in school, but will also positively affect their self-improvement and personal learning in their future lives. Students' active participation in classes depends on the use of study skills such as taking notes, writing reports, planning, summarizing and listening. This article provides an overview of the challenges secondary students with learning disabilities face in class, from study skills to note-taking. The article explains why taking notes is important among study skills, the difficulties students with learning disabilities face in taking notes and their reasons, and what the note-taking strategies are.


learning disability, note taking skills, note taking strategies