Values education aims to raise individuals who have a well-established character, good morals and are beneficial to themselves, their families and society. Students acquire values from the environment they live in, the school they attend, and different media such as TV and the internet. Schools play a major role in helping individuals acquire values. Among the courses at school, the Turkish language and literature course stands out because it is closely related to all areas of life and people. The main material used in the Turkish language and literature course is the texts in the textbook. In this study, the values mentioned in the stories of Oghuzlama, which is a rewriting of Dede Korkut Tales in verse form, were determined, and document analysis, one of the qualitative research methods, was used for this process. The root values mentioned in the 2018 Turkish Language and Literature Teaching Program were taken into consideration while analyzing the sentences in the stories with the document analysis method. According to the results of the research, most of the values are covered in the lengths. Cultural values of Oghuz society such as forgiveness, being merciful, behaving in accordance with one's position in society, respecting elders, getting up early, being hardworking, and not being named without showing bravery are present in almost every story to a great extent. Since the stories in Oghuzlama contain various national and universal values intensively, the use of these texts in Turkish language and literature textbooks will significantly serve to give root values to students.


Oghuzlama, root value, Turkish language and literature course, education