Nowadays, with the widespread use of qualitative research methods, the search for updated solutions on how to conduct qualitative research, what its patterns are, and how to teach it to young researchers has increased. In other words, understanding the patterns and process of the qualitative research method has become very important for many inexperienced researchers who do not have qualitative research experience. In order for inexperienced researchers to learn the qualitative research process effectively, various learning strategies/methods can be used in which researchers will be active in the learning process. One of these methods is the creative drama method, which makes it easier to access the individual's own past experiences and the lives of those around him/her, enables cooperation with the group, and allows information to be re-evaluated and interpreted with past information. The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of postgraduate level researchers about the phenomenology pattern they learned using the creative drama method. For this purpose, the study used the phenomenology pattern of the qualitative research method. The participants of the study consisted of 16 postgraduate students. During the implementation process of the research, a creative drama workshop containing the features of the phenomenology pattern was prepared and implemented online. The data of the study were collected through interviews and analyzed with content analysis. When the results of the study were examined, postgraduate students stated that they learned the phenomenology pattern and its nature successfully and actively thanks to creative drama. In this context, it has been suggested that the lessons learned in qualitative research designs can be applied by using the creative drama method.


Qualitative research, phenomenology, creative drama, student.